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Adding Wearable Features to Notifications

Dependencies and prerequisites

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When an Android handheld (phone or tablet) and Android wearable are connected, the handheld automatically shares notifications with the wearable. On the wearable, each notification appears as a new card in the context stream.

However, to give users the best experience, you should add wearable-specific functionality to the notifications you already create. The following lessons show you how to create notifications that are catered for handhelds and wearables at the same time.

Figure 1. The same notification displayed on a handheld and wearable.


Creating a notification
Learn how to create notifications with wearable features with the Android support library.
Receiving Voice Input in a Notification
Learn how to add an action to a wearable notification that receives voice input from users and delivers the transcribed message to your handset app.
Adding Pages to a Notification
Learn how to add additional pages of information that are visible when the user swipes to the left.
Stacking Notifications
Learn how to place all similar notifications from your app in a stack, allowing users to view each notification individually without adding multiple cards to the card stream.