Android APIs
Added in API level 21



Call Represents an ongoing phone call that the in-call app should present to the user. 
CallAudioState Encapsulates the telecom audio state, including the current audio routing, supported audio routing and mute. 
Conference Represents a conference call which can contain any number of Connection objects. 
Conferenceable Interface used to identify entities with which another entity can participate in a conference call with. 
Connection Represents a phone call or connection to a remote endpoint that carries voice and/or video traffic. 
Connection.VideoProvider Provides a means of controlling the video session associated with a Connection
ConnectionRequest Simple data container encapsulating a request to some entity to create a new Connection
ConnectionService An abstract service that should be implemented by any apps which can make phone calls (VoIP or otherwise) and want those calls to be integrated into the built-in phone app. 
DisconnectCause Describes the cause of a disconnected call. 
GatewayInfo Encapsulated gateway address information for outgoing call. 
InCallService This service is implemented by any app that wishes to provide the user-interface for managing phone calls. 
InCallService.VideoCall Used to issue commands to the Connection.VideoProvider associated with a Call
InCallService.VideoCall.Callback The InCallService extends this class to provide a means of receiving callbacks from the Connection.VideoProvider
PhoneAccount Represents a distinct method to place or receive a phone call. 
PhoneAccount.Builder Helper class for creating a PhoneAccount
PhoneAccountHandle The unique identifier for a PhoneAccount
RemoteConference A conference provided to a ConnectionService by another ConnectionService through conferenceRemoteConnections(RemoteConnection, RemoteConnection)
RemoteConference.Callback Callback base class for RemoteConference
RemoteConnection A connection provided to a ConnectionService by another ConnectionService running in a different process. 
RemoteConnection.Callback Callback base class for RemoteConnection
RemoteConnection.VideoProvider RemoteConnection.VideoProvider associated with a RemoteConnection
RemoteConnection.VideoProvider.Callback Callback class used by the RemoteConnection.VideoProvider to relay events from the Connection.VideoProvider
StatusHints Contains status label and icon displayed in the in-call UI. 
TelecomManager Provides access to information about active calls and registration/call-management functionality. 
VideoProfile Represents attributes of video calls. 
VideoProfile.CameraCapabilities Represents the camera capabilities important to a Video Telephony provider.