Android APIs


MediaDescriptionCompat A simple set of metadata for a media item suitable for display. 
MediaDescriptionCompat.Builder Builder for MediaDescriptionCompat objects. 
MediaMetadataCompat Contains metadata about an item, such as the title, artist, etc. 
MediaMetadataCompat.Builder Use to build MediaMetadata objects. 
RatingCompat A class to encapsulate rating information used as content metadata. 
TransportController Base interface to controlling a media transport. 
TransportMediator Helper for implementing a media transport control (with play, pause, skip, and other media actions). 
TransportPerformer Implemented by the playback side of the media system, to respond to requests to perform actions and to retrieve its current state. 
TransportStateListener A listener for playback changes that can be registered with TransportController
VolumeProviderCompat Handles requests to adjust or set the volume on a session. 
VolumeProviderCompat.Callback Listens for changes to the volume.