Android APIs



AppBarLayout.OnOffsetChangedListener Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when an AppBarLayout's vertical offset changes. 
NavigationView.OnNavigationItemSelectedListener Listener for handling events on navigation items. 
SwipeDismissBehavior.OnDismissListener Callback interface used to notify the application that the view has been dismissed. 
TabLayout.OnTabSelectedListener Callback interface invoked when a tab's selection state changes. 


AppBarLayout AppBarLayout is a vertical LinearLayout which implements many of the features of material designs app bar concept, namely scrolling gestures. 
AppBarLayout.Behavior The default AppBarLayout.Behavior for AppBarLayout
AppBarLayout.ScrollingViewBehavior Behavior which should be used by Views which can scroll vertically and support nested scrolling to automatically scroll any AppBarLayout siblings. 
CollapsingToolbarLayout CollapsingToolbarLayout is a wrapper for Toolbar which implements a collapsing app bar. 
CoordinatorLayout CoordinatorLayout is a super-powered FrameLayout
CoordinatorLayout.Behavior<V extends View> Interaction behavior plugin for child views of CoordinatorLayout
CoordinatorLayout.LayoutParams Parameters describing the desired layout for a child of a CoordinatorLayout
FloatingActionButton Floating action buttons are used for a special type of promoted action. 
FloatingActionButton.Behavior Behavior designed for use with FloatingActionButton instances. 
NavigationView Represents a standard navigation menu for application. 
NavigationView.SavedState User interface state that is stored by NavigationView for implementing onSaveInstanceState(). 
Snackbar Snackbars provide lightweight feedback about an operation. 
Snackbar.Callback Callback class for Snackbar instances. 
SwipeDismissBehavior<V extends View> An interaction behavior plugin for child views of CoordinatorLayout to provide support for the 'swipe-to-dismiss' gesture. 
TabLayout TabLayout provides a horizontal layout to display tabs. 
TabLayout.Tab A tab in this layout. 
TabLayout.TabLayoutOnPageChangeListener A ViewPager.OnPageChangeListener class which contains the necessary calls back to the provided TabLayout so that the tab position is kept in sync. 
TabLayout.ViewPagerOnTabSelectedListener A TabLayout.OnTabSelectedListener class which contains the necessary calls back to the provided ViewPager so that the tab position is kept in sync. 
TextInputLayout Layout which wraps an EditText (or descendant) to show a floating label when the hint is hidden due to the user inputting text.