Android APIs
Added in API level 21



AlwaysOnHotwordDetector A class that lets a VoiceInteractionService implementation interact with always-on keyphrase detection APIs. 
AlwaysOnHotwordDetector.Callback Callbacks for always-on hotword detection. 
AlwaysOnHotwordDetector.EventPayload Additional payload for onDetected(AlwaysOnHotwordDetector.EventPayload)
VoiceInteractionService Top-level service of the current global voice interactor, which is providing support for hotwording, the back-end of a VoiceInteractor, etc. 
VoiceInteractionSession An active voice interaction session, providing a facility for the implementation to interact with the user in the voice interaction layer. 
VoiceInteractionSession.AbortVoiceRequest A request to report that the current user interaction can not be completed with voice, as per VoiceInteractor.AbortVoiceRequest
VoiceInteractionSession.CommandRequest A generic vendor-specific request, as per VoiceInteractor.CommandRequest
VoiceInteractionSession.CompleteVoiceRequest A request to simply inform the user that the voice operation has completed, as per VoiceInteractor.CompleteVoiceRequest
VoiceInteractionSession.ConfirmationRequest A request for confirmation from the user of an operation, as per VoiceInteractor.ConfirmationRequest
VoiceInteractionSession.Insets Information about where interesting parts of the input method UI appear. 
VoiceInteractionSession.PickOptionRequest A request for the user to pick from a set of option, as per VoiceInteractor.PickOptionRequest
VoiceInteractionSession.Request Base class representing a request from a voice-driver app to perform a particular voice operation with the user. 
VoiceInteractionSessionService An active voice interaction session, initiated by a VoiceInteractionService