Android APIs



Bindable The Bindable annotation should be applied to any getter accessor method of an Observable class. 
BindingAdapter BindingAdapter is applied to methods that are used to manipulate how values with expressions are set to views. 
BindingConversion Annotate methods that are used to automatically convert from the expression type to the value used in the setter. 
BindingMethod Used within an BindingMethods annotation to describe a renaming of an attribute to the setter used to set that attribute. 
BindingMethods Used to enumerate attribute-to-setter renaming. 


DataBindingComponent This interface is generated during compilation to contain getters for all used instance BindingAdapters. 
Observable Observable classes provide a way in which data bound UI can be notified of changes. 
ObservableList<T> A List that notifies when changes are made. 
ObservableMap<K, V> A Map that notifies when items change. 


BaseObservable A convenience class that implements Observable interface and provides notifyPropertyChanged(int) and notifyChange() methods. 
CallbackRegistry<C, T, A> A utility for storing and notifying callbacks. 
CallbackRegistry.NotifierCallback<C, T, A> Class used to notify events from CallbackRegistry. 
DataBindingUtil Utility class to create ViewDataBinding from layouts. 
ListChangeRegistry Utility class for managing ObservableList callbacks. 
MapChangeRegistry Utility class for managing ObservableMap callbacks. 
Observable.OnPropertyChangedCallback The callback that is called by Observable when an observable property has changed. 
ObservableArrayList<T> An ObservableList implementation using ArrayList as an implementation. 
ObservableArrayMap<K, V>  
ObservableBoolean An observable class that holds a primitive boolean. 
ObservableByte An observable class that holds a primitive byte. 
ObservableChar An observable class that holds a primitive char. 
ObservableDouble An observable class that holds a primitive double. 
ObservableField<T> An object wrapper to make it observable. 
ObservableFloat An observable class that holds a primitive float. 
ObservableInt An observable class that holds a primitive int. 
ObservableList.OnListChangedCallback<T extends ObservableList> The callback that is called by ObservableList when the list has changed. 
ObservableLong An observable class that holds a primitive long. 
ObservableMap.OnMapChangedCallback<T extends ObservableMap<K, V>, K, V> A callback receiving notifications when an ObservableMap changes. 
ObservableParcelable<T extends Parcelable> An observable class that holds a parcelable object. 
ObservableShort An observable class that holds a primitive short. 
OnRebindCallback<T extends ViewDataBinding> Listener set on addOnRebindCallback(OnRebindCallback) that is called when bound values must be reevaluated in executePendingBindings()
PropertyChangeRegistry Utility class for managing Observable callbacks. 
ViewDataBinding Base class for generated data binding classes. 
ViewStubProxy This class represents a ViewStub before and after inflation.