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Act Across Google Services

Google Analytics integrates seamlessly with a wide range of Google products. You’ll find your Google Analytics data available to you in the Google Play Developer Console, AdMob, AdWords, Google Tag Manager, and more. This makes your Analytics data even more valuable, as it's available where you make decisions in the Google products you use the most.

Tip: Make sure to link your Google Analytics account with your Google Play developer account. This lets you set up an Analytics property for each of your apps to track usage and behavior in the apps, all in one place. For details on how to link your see Link Google Analytics and Google Play.

Target and Remarket to Your Users in AdWords

Google Analytics has one of the easiest to use yet most sophisticated segmentation tools. You can slice and dice your data in tens-of-thousands of different ways, by specifying the criteria you want to zoom-in on. Using these segments you can create Audience Lists of app users to remarket to. Perhaps you notice that certain users haven’t come back in 2 weeks, and you’d like to reach out to remind them to return. Creating lists with this sort of sophistication is easier than ever using Google Analytics. You can even create lists directly from your reports when you find a segment that is particularly interesting.

No More One-Size-Fits-All Monetization Strategies

Users are different, so why force them all to have the same experience? Using Audience Lists, you can serve users experiences that are best tuned to their usage patterns. In AdMob, for example, you can select a group of high value users, those who have made purchases, and serve them IAP ads and experiences; however, for users that are less likely to make purchases you can serve them ads instead. Pairing the right users with the right experiences is a key part of a modern, targeted monetization strategy. And Google Analytics’ countless segmentation possibilities means unlimited monetization opportunities.

Delivering users the best experience with Google Analytics in AdMob: past purchasers (left image) see ads for special in-app purchase promotions, while occasional users (right image) contribute to your revenue with monetization from ads.

Rich Reporting Where You Need It Most

See your data in context. Google Analytics is available inside AdMob without leaving the page; with this integration, you can now slice and dice your data in the same place that you Monetize your app. Using Analytics in AdMob, you can identify interesting segments and then create Audience lists based on those criteria. You can then target AdMob monetization strategies to those different user groups, to serve them the best experiences.

By linking your Analytics account to the Google Play Developer Console, you can see your in-app data in the context of the Play Store. This allows you to see any differences in usage patterns by variables such as region, device, time, day, and more.

Optimize Your App to Reach Your Objectives

By using Content Experiments in Google Tag Manager, you can run A/B tests on app elements. Are your social sharing buttons better at the top or bottom? Is algorithm X or algorithm Y better for cross-selling products in your app? With Content Experiments you can gather data from user to guide your optimizations and take the guesswork out of the equation.